Indiana’s attack on Liberty

Much is being said about the attack on #religiousfreedom in Indiana these days, which is true. Frankly, it is here and you will be impacted.
However, it is bigger….much bigger. It goes Wayyyyyy beyond #religiousfreedom.

Business owners should be FURIOUS.

The state of Indiana is about to tell you who you can hire, and who you can’t fire. Let’s tease this out for a minute… say you are a daycare, or an upstanding business in the community… a young man comes into your daycare/shop/school and interviews for a job. Let’s say he looks normal and you hire him. The next day he reports to work in a skirt, pink lipstick and pony tails. You CANNOT fire this man. He feels like a girl, if Indiana passes this sexual orientation, gender identity bill, he is now a protected class.
The state of Indiana will now dictate if you can grow economically. Are you at the point where you want to hire another person to work in your business? You must now decide you will subscribe to the dictates of the state with that 5th employee. It’s asinine!!!!
If that doesn’t scare you… what does a $50,000 fine on your first offense look like? How about $100,000 for your second offense? If this passes, you are now at the mercy of the Civil Rights Commission.
btw… if you try to get away with a “false” claim, your fine will not exceed $1,000.00
Let’s say, nothing phases you about this and all is well with your employees. Do you know business owners are now being blackmailed in other states that have this law? Try firing an employee who suddenly “feels” like you fired him because he was a “woman” or “gay” Most companies end up just paying the piper to settle out of court in order to avoid the long civil rights court battle.

How about you dads…

How many of you have little girls? The state of Indiana is about to make it LEGAL for men to come into the bathroom with your little girls. Sure, they want to cover their cowardly behinds by saying the man has to “prove” he has felt like a woman for at least a year….but they are about to open the floodgates on your daughters and wives. Why aren’t you mad????
Now I would suggest you get mad as flaming hot hell and say you have had enough of these jokers at the statehouse and DO SOMETHING before it’s too late. Shed the coward’s cloak and do something! Come on folks….it’s here and it’s being led by Indiana republicans.
Get mad….. for your kids.

What can you do? Here are 10 things:

  1. Talk to your churches about what is happening in the GOP of Indiana. Talk to everyone who will listen to you.
  2. Sign the online petition to stop it. or Hand out out a hard copy of the petition at your churches, synagogues, heck, have people sign standing in the grocery line! IndianaLawmakersProtectReligiousFreedomVoteNOonSpecialRights
  3. Call your lawmaker and let them know you don’t care WHAT party he/she is in.. you will vote them out if they vote for ANY form of this. Let us know what they say.
  4. Tag your lawmaker publicly on FB and Twitter and ask them if/why they support this attack on your liberty. Ask them to be a CHAMPION for LIBERTY, and not just sit and watch the liberal left bully us into submission again.
  5. Begin to look for primary opponents for anyone who is thinking of voting for SB 100 or ANY bill like it. We will have to replace many GOP members. Filing deadline is in February. Begin to search now… prepare to primary them.
  6. Follow the Indiana Religious Freedom Alliance to follow this issue closely.
  7. Ask your pastor to join the Indiana Pastors Alliance to unite with other likeminded shepherds who have the courage to protect their flocks.
  8. Speak out and UNITE. Don’t walk through this alone. You will be labeled a hater, bigot, and unkind. Know this and STAND. There is power in numbers.
  9. Pray like you have never prayed before. This is a spiritual battle for the heart and soul of our country. Commit to praying and fasting for the next several months.
  10. Share this message multiple times via social media, and forward it to everyone you can think of.